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Alan & Theresa Miller |  217.840.6935  pvfangus@gmail.com
Orlan & Carol  |  Brandon & Cathy Jones  |  309.370.1081
Kyle Chrislaw , 608.751.9640

Our Story

Prairie View Farm is a third generation purebred Angus Ranch owned by Alan and Theresa Miller in Gridley Illinois in close partnership with Alan’s sister and her husband, Brandon and Cathy Jones. The farm raises donor-quality purebred Angus Females and Herd Sire Prospects to both Angus breeders and commercial cow producers. We market our product through an annual Fall Production sale the first Friday of April each year, and a series of online sales selling embryos, semen, females and bulls. We also market cattle privately throughout the year, and welcome visitors to the farm at any time.

Our Team

  • Alan Miller

    Alan has owned Prairie View Farms since his graduation from the University of Illinois in 1995. He owns…

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  • Theresa Miller

    Theresa Boian Miller is the co-owner of Prairie View Farms. Since October 2016, she has been at the…

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  • Brandon and Cathy Jones

    Cathy Miller Jones, Alan’s sister, and her husband Brandon have been close partners in Prairie View Farms since…

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  • Kyle Chrislaw

    Kyle has served as PVF’s herdsman since summer of 2018. At PVF, Kyle is responsible for show cattle…

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  • Breken Craig

    Brecken Craig has been a member of our crew since 2022.  He was active as a PVF Showman…

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